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pots and pans ORGANIZER

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original premium

pots and pans organizer

free shipping* on our top-rated and best-selling Pot and Pan Organizer!

$49.99 (20% off)



pots and pans organizer



The pot rack organizer is made of heavy-duty iron, along with a spray painting process finish. This makes it firm and stable enough. It can hold your multiple pots comfortably without becoming weak.

Unique U-Shape Groove Design

This organizer comes with a unique U-Shape groove design. While you might think that is for enhancing its elegance, it’s there for a specific purpose. This feature is meant to be used vertically to hold the pot lids in place. This way, you can be confident of having all your pot lids well stored.

Size and weight

This pot organizer is not heavy at all, but it can comfortably carry a whole lot of cookeries. It measures 21.5×8.6×16.5 inches and comes and comes in just 4.7 pounds. That shouldn’t give you a problem when you want to move it around. Plus, the size can change depending on how you intend to set it up.

Multiple Storage

It can be costly to purchase two or more organizers to store different utensils in the kitchen. But what about when you had a single organizer that can handle multiple cookeries at once? This organizer does that. You can store up to 8 frying pans, saucepans, as well as different pots and griddles.

Height and position

You can easily adjust the height and position of this organizer. What does that mean? It allows you to set it to the right height [or position] according to the size of your pots.

Installation Modes

A lot of organizers out there are easy to install, but this one lets you install it in two different methods. You can choose to install the eight tiers on one side of the pan rack, or you may install four tiers on each side of the rack.


The organizer comes with a single metallic holder, along with eight adjustable tiers. These eight are designed to hold different cookeries in your kitchen.


The organizers you put in your kitchen must be not only strong but also elegant too. The spray painting finish on this organizer gives it a glossy look that enhances the beauty in your kitchen.

About storlux pot and pan Organizer


Proper kitchen organization can bring a positive and impressive look in your cooking space. Furthermore, good organization lets you keep everything in its own space. This, in turn, helps you have an easy cooking time in the kitchen.

If you need to keep your pots organized, you’ll have to go for a good pot organizer. Here is a look at one amazing pot organizer you should check out:

Why is this pot and pan Rack Special?

The STORLUX Pot Rack Organizer is a great piece to have in your kitchen. It would fit in any kitchen setting regardless of the theme of that kitchen. The neutral color makes it perfect for any kitchen out there. Furthermore, it offers the perfect solutions for organizing your pans, pots, and griddles.

There are many reasons to purchase any organizer out there. The first and major reason is that you want something to hold your pots and other cookeries easily in the kitchen. Yes, you need to store the cookeries properly in your space. But it isn’t just about getting any organizer. Instead, you should get one that offers you the best that an organizer can offer. For example, the STORLUX Pot Rack Organizer is one amazing organizer to have in your kitchen, and here are the reasons to have it in your kitchen.


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Customer Questions

It is made of heavy-duty iron and covered with non-slip rubber coating on dividers which means that it prevents kitchen tools from scratching and slipping. Each divider wears up to 9lbs.

If you use this pot rack organizer vertically, then make sure the cabinet is larger than (height) 16.5 inch, (width) 7.9 inch (length) 21.5 inch.

You have to put it together. It is super easy, choose one of the 3diy methods and place the dividers according to your cookware. Yes STORLUX premium package is included with the instruction manual.

Our pan organizer rack has 8 metal shelves, so usually you can store 8 and more (stacked) pots and pans. Some buyer shows this result in their review, you can refer to their pictures. Hope this helps you.

Depending on the dimensions, yes, it will work because it is fully customizable.

Yes, it is possible, but we do not see it as necessary, the feet on both sides keep the rack very stable.

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